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First post using stackedit

Welcome to StackEdit! Hey! I’m your first Markdown document in StackEdit1. Don’t delete me, I’m very helpful! I can be recovered anyway in the Utils tab of the Settings dialog.
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Project Euler: problem 3

Đề bài:

The prime factors of 13195 are 5, 7, 13 and 29.

What is the largest prime factor of the number 600851475143 ?

Tức là tìm ước số nguyên tố lớn nhất của 600851475413.

Bài này thì đương nhiên là quá dễ, tuy nhiên nếu viết bằng C++ thì cần chú ý là không thể sử dụng các kiểu cơ bản như long, vì sẽ bị tràn số.

Sử dụng kiểu long long int, và chú ý là thêm LL vào sau giá trị của biến có kiểu long long int.

Mã nguồn được viết và biên dịch bởi Code:Blocks 8.02, Windows XP.



bool check_prime (long long int a) {

    if (a==2) return true;

    for (long long int i = 2; i <= sqrt(a); i++) {

        if (a % i == 0) return false;


    return true;


int main() {

    long long int n = 600851475143LL;

    long long int s = long(sqrt(n));

    for (long long int i = s; i >= 2; i--) {

        if ((n % i == 0) && check_prime(i)) {

            cout <<>






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Installing tensorflow on Mac OS 10.11

Tensorflow ( is the open source deep learning library from Google (

Installing Tensorflow is not easy on Mac if you follow exactly the installation instruction on the homepage. I have no idea why. I have error then error while trying to install Tensorflow with pip, with virtualenv, or even with Docker.

However, with Anaconda (, it will be easy. The trick is you should download the wheel file and install it offline other than retrieving it online as suggested by Tensorflow homepage.

So, with anaconda for python2 installed, I did:

# create a new environment with sklearn installed, up to you
# if you want a pure Python, replace scikit-learn by python
conda create -n tensorflow scikit-learn

# activate the new environment
source activate tensorflow

# download the wheel file


How to use diffent keyboard than English in Ubuntu Server 14.04 (or 14.10) with Gnome Core

Even in my laptop, I still use Ubuntu Server because it seems more stable than Ubuntu Desktop.

At the first time of using Ubuntu Server, you may have some issues, especially if you are not familiar with Linux command, because there is no GUI in Ubuntu Server by default.

There are some ways to install GUI to Ubuntu Server.

I am choosing Gnome Core.

To install Gnome Core:

sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install
If you have used Ubuntu Desktop before (with Unity), you may find something different in Gnome Core.

1. The notification bar now in on the bottom but not top.
 To see the notification bar, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen.

2. There is no Text Entry anymore, so if you are not native English speaker like me and want to install another typing application such as ibus to type in your own language, it may be pain.

In Gnome Core, to configure your typing, press Windows button (if there is this key in your keyboard), or click to Activities at…